Apple will launch 3 lens iPhone in 2019, suppliers such as Da Liguang will benefit


Apple will launch 3 lens iPhone in 2019, suppliers such as Da Liguang will benefit iphone compare 201709

According to a research report released recently by Lu Jialin, a technology industry analyst at Deutsche Securities, it is pointed out that at least one of the new iPhones that Apple will launch in 2019 is equipped with a rear-mounted 3 lens. This will also benefit the supply chain, including Apple’s main lens provider, Daryl.

The report pointed out that the 3 lens camera system will achieve advanced 3D sensing capabilities through stereo vision. In the configuration of the 3 lenses, two of the camera lenses can capture a single object image from different angles, and then use a triangulation method to get the distance between the iPhone and the object. This is the same approach as the Apple iPhone X uses. The TrueDepth system is similar. In the future, the new iPhone will add a rear 3D sensing system for Augmented Reality (AR).

This prediction by the Deutsche Bank team coincides with the view of Alex Webb, a Bloomberg analyst. Alex Webb pointed out in a 2017 report that future iPhones will be equipped with rear 3D sensing capabilities. Moreover, Apple is evaluating a sensing technology called Time of Flight (ToF). This technique can calculate the time that the laser refracts on the surrounding objects to create a 3D image environment. However, with the more sophisticated 3D sensing technology in the future, Apple’s new iPhone is expected to replace ToF with 3D sensing.

Apple will launch 3 lens iPhone in 2019, suppliers such as Da Liguang will benefit iphone7dualcamera 624x329

In fact. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has repeatedly expressed interest in AR technology. In 2017, Apple released the ARKit platform, which enables developers to develop AR applications for the iPhone and iPad on iOS 11. In this regard, the report of Deutsche Securities also pointed out that the third rear camera of the new iPhone may have a longer focal length to enhance the system’s zoom capability. This telephoto lens may allow the new iPhone to have a 3x optical zoom for the first time, allowing the iPhone to obtain sharper images of distant objects.

Currently, Apple’s competitor Huawei’s new P20 Pro smartphone is currently the first smartphone to use a rear-mounted 3 lens system. The P20 Pro’s 3 shots include an 8-megapixel telephoto lens, a 20-megapixel black and white lens, and a 40-megapixel color wide-angle lens. As Apple and other non-Apple smartphones begin to use the 3 lens system, they will be able to drive the lens supply chain manufacturers to benefit. Among them, Da Liguang, the main supplier of Apple lenses, will be able to contribute to the results.

(Source of the first picture: Apple’s official website)

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